12 Tips To Not Overspend On Grocery

Updated: May 1, 2020

Grocery shopping does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. You just need to be more intentional. Here are 12 tips to get you started on saving money on grocery while getting all you need...

Shopping Tip #1

Make a list and stick to it:

This seem simple enough, but did you know most persons never make shopping list? And the ones that do often do not stick to it? When I make lists, it allows me to skip aisles to not succumb to impulse buying.

Shopping Tip #2

Use a smaller cart:

Eating from a smaller plate helps me eat less – psychology 101. You are more likely to fill your grocery cart if it is bigger. Did you know that shopping cart sizes have doubled and causes you to buy 40% more merchandise?

Shopping Tip #3

Shop backwards:

There is a reason the milk is stocked at the back of the store: you must pass other strategically placed items on your way to get milk! I usually go straight to the back then work my way forward only stopping in the aisles I need to.

Shopping Tip #4

Pay with cash:

I know, it seems archaic to walk with cash, however, this keeps me on point. I leave my wallet at home and bring only the amount I decided to spend. You cannot overspend if you do not have it.

Shopping Tip #5

Price match:

My grocery shopping does not start on grocery days. I survey my pantry and make a list. I then use my grocery apps, newspapers and offers to price match. I only shop at stores that price matches.

Shopping Tip #6

Do not always buy in bulk:

Sounds weird right? I know, unless you are splitting with a friend then this is a hard no unless you have a huge family. Bulk buying does save money, but if you find that you are throwing out freezer burned meat every month or popcorn that got stale then you are losing money. Buy what you need.

Shopping Tip #7

Buy generic:

Although sight is not technically a part of taste, it influences the perception of taste. I have found that some store brands aka generic tastes identical to name brands versions and are usually cheaper. Do stock up on these to save on your grocery bill.

Shopping Tip #8

Avoid food that are pre-prepared:

I hate peeling and dicing squash, but it tastes so good in my soup. I found that my grocery store started selling diced and peeled squash, however, the price was two times that of a regular unpeeled squash. I will take gaining some muscles any day than paying more for peeled squash.

Shopping Tip #9

Get a loyalty card:

If your grocery store wants to reward you for spending let them! You may get other perks when you get a free loyalty card such as coupons, free items, discount on gas or in-store promotional savings. You can use these to lower your grocery bill.

Shopping Tip #10

Shop foods that are season:

You can get most fruits and veggies all year round, however some comes with a hefty price tag when they are not in season. Stock up on fruits and veggies that can be frozen when they are in season and cost less.

Shopping Tip #11

Scrutinize BOGO sales:

I have found that a single item cost $2.50, but there is a sale of $5.00 for 2. I really need only one and there really is not a real incentive to buy. Always check to make sure the sale is specific about buying 2 to get the discount.

Shopping Tip #12

Avoid the middle shelves:

I am a short girl and I like to buy things at eye level. Bad idea, did you know companies pay big bucks to get their items at eye level? Did you also know that they recoup the dollars spent by putting that right back into the cost of the item? Smart move. Next time you are in the grocery store either look a little higher or a little lower.

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