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Hi there, I'm Michell!

I am a serial entrepreneur whose businesses have ranged from Wedding Planning & Consultation to Digital Publications. Currently, I am a Mind Alignment & Financial Strategist specializing in financial wellness and personal development.


My greatest desire is to show you how to gain financial freedom by re-framing your negative mindset and healing your relationship with money.


Having had to hastily move to a foreign country with a husband and three small children with pretty much the clothing on our backs and just enough money to keep us afloat for maybe two months we quickly realized we were not in "Kansas" anymore. This society thrives on credit, not cash.


When you do not have a healthy relationship with money, credit can leave you with a mountain of debt. It seemed everyone was caught up in the single-story: to live comfortably you must be in debt. This is something that appears to affect almost all newcomers. Information was not readily available from a single source. The settlement, understanding the new culture, and staying sane, was work enough and so adopting better money management skills was one more thing to do

But we did it! We read all we could find, I finished a degree in Finance and we created individualized systems that helped us clear our debts. Breakthrough isn't a part-time job and so I am passionate about empowering newcomers, individuals, and families, by providing them with the right tools and strategies they need to build wealth, live debt-free and make a better life for themselves and their families.

I love the way my clients feel after they complete each step in the process and how it boosts their confidence to push to the finish line. Through our flagship company Living Purposefully Coaching & Engagement Services, we have helped many individuals pay off thousands in debt, increase their net-worth, purchase homes, and most importantly heal their relationship with money. 


I would love to connect with you, no matter what stage of life you are at and help you reclaim your life and your finances. 


Founder of

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