~ Managing your finances & your life should NOT be overwhelming ~


I teach individuals and families how to positively re-frame their mindset and improve their financial circumstances.

Congrats! You're one step closer to a debt-free life!



Want to manage your money better and get out of debt? Not sure if the first steps to take? Do you know the "what" by do not understand the "why" behind how you got to where you are?

Then schedule a consultation as the first step to positively re-framing your mindset, learn how to manage your money, and get out of debt.  


These half-day workshops aren't your typical “adding my dreams to a whiteboard experience, then stashing it in a corner” session. You are provided with all the tools and actionable strategies needed to move you from a place of  “oh well” to a place of “well well”. A “well well” place is a place of commitment in spite of and despite what I am seeing on the horizon. 

Speaking Engagements

Speaking is a natural extension of Michell’s work. Want to bring mindset and financial clarity to those around you?

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Every day, individuals and families around the world are making the necessary changes and learning how to live fuller lives by taking control of their money and mindset.

Howard J.

My first haha moment with Michell, was when she distinguished between emergency and contingency funds. I challenged her on the idea but became settled when she showed me the difference.


"Michell is the most authentic person I have met and worked with. Her practical thought-based approach to problem-solving made me more motivated to stick with the strategies presented. Great coach."


"Hi, I'm Michell - your Mindset & Financial Alignment Strategist who firmly believes that breakthrough isn't a part-time job. I am passionate about helping people re-frame a negative mindset, shift their perspective, live debt-free, and build wealth. After spending the last 14+ years in the corporate world, I am here to help you achieve your financial goals through strategic mindset shifts."


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Vision Chasers Academy. 


We have partnered with some solid financial and mindset experts in order to bring courses to help you on your journey to financial freedom. In The Vision Chasers Academy, you are provided with the knowledge, the resources, and a community that you need to become successful.

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